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Precision MX Engines

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Precision engines for the MX amateur.

Mini Experts!

We offer a full line of h
igh-performance engine parts from VHM, Cometic, Vertex, Pro-X

The amount of time we put in to the most current 
tech is second to none when it comes to the MX Amateur market.  We are one of the only shops where you can ship your engine and have it built and tested on a dyno. There is always new technology and we are always on top of it and testing from the KTMs 65s to the 150SX and all Jap models. Dyno and track testing 
We had over 1000 KTM mini dyno pulls in 2013.

If you need a 65 stock,mod supermini,schoolboy
engine, you know you are getting a reliable engine
that makes the power for the top of your class

We have tried numerous things to improve the crank life of the KTM 85s over a long time period of time.  We have had great results, even on new 13/14 model mod engines. 
Now they have a 60 day
Mod motors included.

KTM 105 or Stroker inner head oring leaks fixed.
Does you cooling system build pressure and
come out the overflow on your 105/stroker?
More than likely its the inner head oring.
We can help.  We also build a great KTM
stroker engine.


New KTM 85 SXS before and after modifications.
We gained 3.75hp more than stock with no low end power loss! 

Are new YZ 85.
Tested and ridden by a National rider.
Compared below against a warmed over new
KTM 85.
This YZ uses 100% stock parts down to the stock carb/size and exhaust and has a lot more midrange and a broader power curve than 
the stock YZ85. Much easier to ride and still revs to the stock peak power RPM that the YZ is known for,   up 3.5hp over stock!  
Its even better with some bolt on parts with more power/midrange and most important, has proved to be very reliable. 


Which ever make/model you choose, we have the know how to get reliable power that will
compete.  KTM KX RM YZ CR we have done them all.

Dyno service                       

When a engine is built for a specific power curve
we talk with you on what you want and back it up
and explain to you on how a power curve can be built in and how easy or hard it can be to ride.
Two of the same engines can be completely different depending on what you want.

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